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Baseball is one of the popular pitch games played in the US and Canada. Like most other sports, it involves two teams (of nine) and uses a hard ball and bat. There are various equipment, apparel and requirements needed for a baseball game including items for safety, comfort and convenience. Most professional players go through their full baseball equipment list before hitting the pitch to ensure all requirements and supplies are in place.

Here is a brief outline of the items that make up a baseball equipment list;

Playing equipment

These are the items you will use to actually play baseball. They include;

• Baseball bat — come in different variations including youth, big barrel, league (BBCR) and senior. Check  wood bat for hitting performance factor and certification according to your professional level.

• Baseballs — buy several baseballs

• Baseball buckets — to hold the baseballs before and after playing. Protective gear These are the apparel worn to a baseball game to keep players safe from pitch accidents. They include;

• Baseball and batting gloves — you can choose leather or synthetic.

• Helmet — choose one that fits comfortably and improves vision.

• Chest/wrist/leg guards — these cups and guards will protect your chest, wrist, knee and leg from the hard knocks of flying baseballs. Mouth-guard Playing apparel

Unlike protective gear, baseball apparel includes outfits and other items you generally bring to a baseball pitch for practice or actual game. The list contains items like cleats, practice shirts, baseball pants and belt, sliders, compression shorts, duffel (baseball bag), ball cap, leg sleeves (compression arm) and baselayers among others.

You can also find on-pitch heart-protection shirts for practice and training matches.

Other accessories

Other than the general protective and gaming items in the baseball equipment list, you need various accessories that will make your game more comfortable and convenient. These include a water bottle, sport drink, sunglasses, and eye black, athletic tape, sunscreen and replacement laces.

You can also bring along a first aid kit which is a basic necessity for any sport. Make sure the kit is fully stuffed with the required items.

Baseball training aid

Although training aid is not often categorized within a baseball equipment list, they are still needed and most professional baseball players bring them along for training and practice games.

These items include a baseball rebound net to make ball retrieving easier, practice balls and bats, swing trainers and a pitching machine among other field equipment. Training aid will help you improve the quality of your practices and games.


It is advisable to carry a complete baseball equipment list when looking for items to buy especially if you are new to the game; pros who have played the game already know the most important requirements. There are several brands available in the market and not all of them meet the set industry standards. As a professional baseball player, you should carefully review each item and make sure it complies with the set performance standards and certifications.


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